When Fashion meets Architecture | FLORINA CRISTINA CIMPOERU


PROFESSOR: conf. univ. dr. Paula Barbu

PHOTOGRAPHY: Florin Cristache

MODELS: Simona & Ruxandra – MUR Model Management

YEAR:  2015


Florina Cimpoeru is a young fashion designer, a fresh graduate of the Faculty of Decorative Arts and Design from the National University of Art Bucharest.

We were mesmerized by her graduation collection – INNER CIRCLE, that she defines as “a meeting point between human, architecture and fashion”.



In high school she also studied architecture, that now became her main source of inspiration. “Studying both architecture and fashion, I came to the conclusion that the process of building a house is similar with the construction of clothing: from sketch, to the technical documentation and finally to the execution. They are both the answer to an essential necessity – the protection and sheltering of the human body. Like the architect, I structure each idea in basic elements to create a composition, a volume, I search for methods of visual translation of the geometric forms into a pure creation, an architecture that gives identity to the human being. Outlining the geometry, the textiles have the power to suggest an idea, a state of mind, to invoke the spirit of things, so the clothing become a mirror of the self.”



We love the minimalist cuts, the pure volumes and the proportions of her creations. The simple, modern lines are embellished with complex gothic rosettes that bring a romantic and dreamy touch. Like a true architect, madly in love with white, she only added few pop of colors in blue tones to this diaphanous collection. We foresee a great future for the young designer and we are eager to see her next designs.



For the moment, if you are interested in any item from the collection you can get in contact with Florina via her Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/PERSPECTIVE/380081352195222?fref=ts Official website will follow soon, we will keep you up to date.


Source: https://www.facebook.com/pages/PERSPECTIVE/380081352195222?fref=ts

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