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LOCATION: Tel Aviv, Israel

AREA: 700 sqm 



The first word that came to my mind when seeing the pictures of Jelly Button Games and Hamutzim Studio‘s new workplace was ‘FUNKY’. The industrial, urban style fits perfect with the building and the neighborhood of South Tel Aviv district. The merit goes to Roy David Studio, a young Architecture and Interior Design practice based in Tel Aviv. They brought in their fresh ideas and enthusiasm of custom designing almost everything.

library 2.jpg

The brief was to create a space that will serve both companies, that could offer enough privacy for each one but also give the possibility to interaction, socializing, exchanging knowledge and ideas.

Roy David’s solution was to divide the space into public – semipublic – private areas, by placing the public ones in the center and gradually reaching to the private ones to the laterals.

‘’ It resembles the ripple effect, which in its core stands the public space, serving as a knowledge sharing center inspiring interaction between the office’s various professionals. As the ripple effect fades out to the peripheral areas, the private areas of the working spaces are revealed’’


The areas assigned to each company are separated by a change in height and floor material (one company is placed 3 stairs up than the other one and the flooring changes from concrete to white wood.) Yet, the space remains see through. Most of the vertical dividers are free standing custom made constructions of wood panels and metallic elements or open louvers resembling sequences.

white wooden steps.jpg

All the wiring comes from the ceiling through iron pipes that frame each custom made workbench. You can also see the black painted pipes in the kitchen and in the games room, holding the solid wood shelves and emphasizing the industrial atmosphere of the space. The reclaimed wood reception front and the colored lighting fixtures are also custom made after the designers’ sketches.

team space.jpg

But the elements that first caught my eyes were the painted supporting columns. Famous street artists signed the colorful graphics that bring funky, urban vibes into the workplace. This artsy touches keep alive the memory of the space, used before as a residence and art studio.

red graphics column.jpg

The overall result is a very inspiring space, that stimulates creativity, encourages interactions and ideas exchange. It reflects the owners’ culture and beliefs, providing an open, friendly environment for both employees and customers.


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