Inspiring architectural office | SERGEY MAKHNO


ARCHITECTS: Sergey Makhno, Ilya Tovstonog

LIGHT: sketches by Sergey Makhno  Decors 


PAINTING: Oleg Tistol 

SCULPTURES, RELIEFS: Nazar Bilyk, Dmitry Greek, Sergei Red’ko, Yuri Musatov

PHOTOGRAPHY: Andrew Avdeenko

LOCATION: Kiev, Ukraine

AREA: 200 sqm 



2014 came with a new work space for the Ukrainian Architectural Workshop of Sergey Makhno. The design of the 200 sqm studio it’s a true reflection of the creative minds working there. It is both a living office and a showroom for clients to find inspiration.

“I had an idea to create a space that could inspire not only my team but also our clientele. We want our guests to take on a challenge facing brave and bold experiments”, says Sergey.

reception desk.jpg

Entering their workshop, you will first remark the textured copper wall behind the flowing reception desk and the custom made hanging lights. The lighting fixtures are produced based on Makhno’s sketches. The door integrated in the reception copper wall leads you in the meeting room. Here also you will find Sergey’s creations: the playful wooden panels, the glass table and chandelier. The built in bookcase hosts both architecture and design books and local ceramic pieces.

meeting room entrance view.jpg

A rich collection of ceramics can also be seen in Sergey’s office. He has few zoomorphic pieces and several pottery items displayed on a shelving unit. In this way he honors the craftsmanship of Ukranian artisans, known for their skills from the ancient times.

sergey office shelving view.jpg

The minimalist style is blended with industrial accents and Ukrainian art pieces. Right from the entrance, near the reception desk you will notice  the “Rain” a bronze statue by Nazar Bilyk. Other statues, bass – reliefs and decorations complete the gallery atmosphere of the office.

entrance open office.jpg

The mix of materials (concrete, stone, glass, copper, bronze, various species of wood) adds character to each space. But the main material is the exposed concrete used for: walls, ceiling and floor. The bulk concrete floor respects an old laying technology once used for hospitals, for its characteristics: waterproof, smooth, continuous and bacteria resistant. The coldness of the the concrete contrasts with the warmth of the wood cladding accents and with the lively green wall.

service relax area.jpg

The generous height of the studio (4 m to the ceiling) made it possible for an inner common space split on 2 levels. In the ground floor they have the service area with printing hub, kitchen and a bathroom with shower. While the upper floor is a cozy relax area with a Japanese tea ceremony table. This space reflects Sergey’s big passion for Japan’s culture.

relax area japanese tea ceremony table.jpg


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