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Grow up is Katarína Prídavková‘s newest installation of miniature houses. While living for one year in Spain, studying and working, the young Slovakian surrealist painter and sculptor got inspired by Mallorca’s streets to “grow up“ this imaginary minicity.

artist at gallery

“The thesis “Grow up“ focuses on the perception of a newly known surroundings. The emphasis is predominantly on the impression on surroundings. The aim of the thesis is to invite people to my imaginary world and to introduce them to the atmosphere of the installation. My artwork is focused on the function of architecture and the main concept of “genius loci“, which is an integral part of the thesis ́s theory.“ 

grow up almost done1
If you love cartoons (like we do), I’m sure you will develop a crush over these 26 cute little houses made from cardboard, plaster, ceramic clay, paper, metal components, plastic, foil, cotton fiber, painted by acrylic colors and fixed by clear polish which protects the surface of the sculpture.
grow up facades

“I am working with realistic cutting of street but also with my memory – blurry memories, feelings from space. The form isn’t realistic I wanted to create something like a caricature of the city.“

foxie and sketches



How would you like to take a walk on Katarína’s streets? She played a little bit in Photoshop to simulate life in her surreal Grow Up city. Pretty awesome, right?


photoshop real life simulation 1

photoshop real life simulation 2


You can follow Katarína’s work here:

Behance: pridavkova




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