Faces that brighten up your day |VICTOR NUNES

The work of former Brazilian art director Victor Nunes has always managed to brighten up my day. His way of combining illustrations with various objects is very creative and full of good humor. Pen caps, scissors, elastics, paper clips, caju, food leftovers gain new meanings in Victor’s work.

faces that brighten up your day_tetine

faces that brighten up your day_heineken cap

Simple every-day things turn into tales characters, ready to share their stories. The elegant ladies with salad leaves dresses, a brave cowboy with laundry tongs body, an ambitious weightlifter of ear-cleaning stick weights, a speeding snail with orange peel shell, a paper clip ear bunny, a house with cracker roof, they are all inviting us to escape the everyday life and start dreaming.

faces that brighten up your day_crackers_leaves

faces that brighten up your day_snail

You can admire in the gallery some of Victor’s creations. And for a bigger dose of joy, please check out his page, here: https://www.facebook.com/victornunesfaces


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