ARCHITECTURE: Antonio Perrone Architect

LOCATION: Turin, Italy


PHOTOGRAPHY: Adriano Pecchio


“The D.S. apartment, object of intervention is on the first floor of a historic complex in the center of the city of Carmagnola, a few kilometers from Turin. The apartment is following the angular profile of the complex and distributes the living and night areas along the perimeter and has a closed window to the inner courtyard. Previously the apartment included a kitchen separated from the living room through closed walls, and three bedrooms disengaged in a rather traditional long central corridor blind.

02035 DI Sano

The attempt of the project was to bring light to the center of the house which was rather dark despite the many openings onto the street. It is thus proceeded to a partial demolition of barriers built about ten years before, during an intervention of severe subdivision to the entire block. The replacement of some masonry is designed through the use of an attached wardrobe and some sliding doors integrated in the architecture of the interior partitions. Through a calibrated intervention “cut and paste” it has reached a wider reading space, giving more fluidity to the environments that are thus integrated within each other without losing their autonomy in the home.

02035 DI Sano

The spatial continuum was subsequently amplified by supporting the choice of the client to choose a resilient flooring, cement-based, distributed evenly throughout the apartment to cover the previous flooring of different types: tiles, wood and linoleum. The resulting surface, not in plastic but strong material, soft touch and soft sight tissue-like, in the master bathroom the tub-shower is turning into a precious box of turquoise.

02035 DI Sano

The light, if not understated in the two chandeliers of living room and kitchen, is distributed fairly throughout the apartment, sometimes with accents on time, and proceeds through spotlights walls, sometimes distributed to mark sharp contrasts like the one in the room between the  day and  night areas.

02035 DI Sano

The furnishings, mostly fixed, seem to want to integrate perfectly with the skin of architectural environments, indicating their presence with simple lacquered surfaces mat and glossy in consonance with the tones of the walls except in some color accents in the most private area of ​​the house.”

02035 DI Sano

Source: http://antonioperrone.houzz.it

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