LOCATION: California, USA


The  house is situated in an idyllic scenery, in a redwood grove, on an easy slope bordered by a creek. An old wooden bridge over the creek and the rock walls along the paths of the site, amplify the charming character of the location.

Creekside Retreat exterior.jpg

The clients, a family of four, wanted  to update the 1954 house for their current needs, but also to keep it’s original character. This is where the Richardson Architects came in. They did a great job on bringing the house to the contemporary way of living and align it to the today’s norms and regulations.

Creekside Retreat Kitchen.jpg

Adding more natural light to the space was one of the major points of the renovation. They enlarged the windows and added skylights to brighten up the interior. They also had to add a partial second storey to accommodate the master suite.

Creekside Retreat Master-Bed.jpg

To make the addition a smooth intervention on the sensitive site, they maintained the wood cladding on the exterior and kept the same mullion pattern of the original windows.

Creekside Retreat Kids-Study-area.jpg

We love the wood cladded interior walls made with the same type of wood from the porch floor. They bring the exterior inside, always reminding  you of the lovely outside surroundings.

Creekside Retreat Front-Porch.jpg

The natural color scheme is combined with pops of bright colors brought by paintings, plants, accessories, kids’ chairs. We also loved the bold rough wood pieces and the skull wallpaper in the bathroom.


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