Apester and CoCycles | ROY DAVID STUDIO


LOCATION: Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel

SIZE: 500 sqm




The hi-tech companies Apester and CoCyles share a 500 sqm office space designed by Roy David Studio.The 2 storey office space is situated inside a newly renovated building, in the heart of Tel Aviv. The clients’ brief was to create a youthful, innovative and coherent workspace.


The designers’ solution was to divide the area into equal working spaces for the employees with common public area situated in the center of the floorplan. The division between the 2 companies is done with custom designed furniture elements, acting as dynamic visual barriers.


The first floor is an open space with shared public functions in the middle, such as meeting rooms, cafeteria and relax spaces. There are 2 meeting rooms located at the center of the space allowing two types of gatherings, a large one for about 12 participants and a small, more informal one for up to 6 persons. To create privacy, modern graphics were added to the glass walls. 



All around this public heart are placed wide, custom designed working stations for the employees. The relax space separates itself from the working areas with revolving double sided wooden boards. On one part they are chalkboards and on the other part they are painted:

“I approached the artists, Eyal Eliezer and Elna with the idea to bring color to the seating areas for both companies.  We wanted to create an atmosphere that may inspire and engender bright ideas. Eyal designed a composition of six huge paintings on the coulisse, drawing his inspiration from the companies branding strategy along with psychedelic street art. Elna was appointed to handle the big plaster walls at the entrance of the space, adding a shot of color which creates a pleasant and welcoming atmosphere for one sitting there.”



An industrial staircase made of natural iron and expanded net, leads to the upper floor where you can find the kitchen and bar, surrounded by a generous terrace with  an outdoor seating area. From up here you can enjoy panoramic views of downtown Tel Aviv.


All around the facades, a shading system with UV filters allows the users to control the amount of light entering the space. The lighting fixtures that are placed around the office space are designed with the help of industrial designer, Haim Ivgi. The shared collections of the two designers is about to be presented for sale in different places around the world.


“The design language reflects the company believes that strive for creativity and excellence. We want to transcend a design without boundaries that not only brightens ones day but determines the user to want/choose to stay there.”

Source: http://roydavidstudio.com/

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