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Bobino creates simple, useful, personal products that aim to solve the little problems of daily life.

They are a small, multicultural company of eight people coming from seven different countries. They base their work on open collaboration in a family-like environment.

Bobino’s Head Office is in Breda, The Netherlands and the Design Office is based in Milan, Italy where production for the European market takes place. The second and third production locations are in Malaysia and the United States. From these sites they supply Asia, Oceania and the Americas.

Bobino has few but well thought-through products, which are developed through early prototyping, practical testing and continuous feedback and brainstorming with the whole team. They only go into production once it is clear that the product is useful and feels right.

They try to manufacture their products locally, as they believe that it makes more sense for people and for the planet if products are made on the same continent where they are sold.


With screens getting thinner, we’ve lost the extra space we used to have for photo frames, plants, a remote control or our favorite figurines. Bobino Screen Shelf brings back that space to your screen. Its ingenious design makes the shelf strong and safe and the rubber dots on top guarantee your stuff won’t slide off.

Bobino screen shelf green1.jpg


The flexible material and thin design of the small Cord Wrap make it perfect for quickly winding and unwinding mp3 and phone earbud cords. The medium size will organize most of your USB computer cables around your home or office. The large size is designed for slightly longer and thicker cords such as your laptop cable.

Bobino cord wraps colors.jpg


Bobino Phone Holder provides a convenient charging platform and handy storage for your adapter cord. This new version is large enough for today’s touch screen or keypad phones. The surface has an anti-slip pad and a folding hinge for the travellers.

Bobino Phone Holder Fuchsia.jpg


Slim Pen was designed to be as thin as possible. At only 4mm (1/8 inch”) thick, the pen can be safely secured inside your favourite notebook or agenda. #1 Affix the Slim Pen docking tab to the inside cover of your favourite notebook or agenda. #2 Slide Slim Pen off the tab and you are ready to write. #3 Replace the Slim Pen to it’s docking tab and close your notebook. Slim Pen will be ready and secure for when you need it again.

Bobino Slim-Pen-Slide.jpg


This handy clip makes it easier to find keys on the bottom of your hand bag. Key Clip was designed to attach to an inside border or pocket of your hand bag, briefcase, backpack or purse. Hanging your keys on the clip will make them easy to find, next time you need them. Affixing the Key Clip only to the inside of a bag, where they are secure and protected. With six colors you can choose one that fits your bag(s).

Bobino Key Clip Blue_Purse.jpg


Glasses Clip provides a safe and handy place for your sunglasses or corrective glasses in your car. (Do not place or remove your glasses while driving).

Bobino Glasses Clip Red.jpg


How to keep your glasses safe and at hand when you are not using them? Bobino Glasses Case is a case with a twist. Keep both parts locked into each other for safekeeping. Turn one part upside down and you create an easy access tube that you attach to the inside of your handbag, briefcase or backpack.The process of searching, opening, removing, using and returning to a traditional case is reduced to one movement. The case is made of a hard plastic body with a sliding hook, and a soft rubber inner liner.

Bobino Glasses Case Green.jpg

Buy online at: http://eu.mybobino.com/online-store

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